A list of science games, interactives, and simulations to play around with.


Universe Sandbox

Downloadable space simulation that lets you smash planets together in a really cool way. Created by Giant Army


A simple gravity simulator for the web. Created by Hermann

Chaotic Pendulum

A customizable toy of a double pendulum. Created by MinuteLabs

Earth Primer

An interactive book about geology and earth science, available for iPad and Mac. Created by Chaim Gingold


A variant of the game 2048, where the tiles are fusing elements in a star. Created by Dimitar Dimitrov

The Electric Shocktopus

Electromagnetic game where your character can charge themselves to move around the levels. Created by TestTubeGames

Kerbal Space Program

Most games aren’t rocket science, but this one is. Created by Squad

The Falstad Collection

Collection of small simulations created by Falstad.

Particle Sandbox

A gravity simulator for the web. Created by apexearth

Quantum Game

A game that explores quantum mechanics, with an emphasis on quantum computing. Created by Quantum Flytrap

Gravity Simulator

Fling planets and change physics in this gravity sandbox. Available in browser and for download. Created by TestTubeGames

Virus, the Beauty of the Beast

An interactive video that lets you explore the math and patterns of virus structures. Created by Hamish Todd

Swing Explorer

A simulated swing, with some tools for exploring the physics behind pumping your legs. Created by TestTubeGames


Investigate systems that interact, such as the predator-prey population dynamics and much, much more. Created by Nicky Case

Periodic Three-Body Orbits

A nice interactive look at three-body orbits that repeat. Created by Ricky Reusser.

A Slower Speed of Light

Explore the optical effects of special relativity in a 3D setting. Created by MIT Game Lab

Crescent Loom

A nervous system simulation game, where you build brains to control creatures. Created by Olive

The Fittest 2

Crawling stick figure creatures evolve before your eyes. Created by TestTubeGames

Bond Breaker

Explore the atomic realm in this game about molecular bonds. Created by TestTubeGames

Why do Astronauts Float?

A playful look at the science behind ‘floating’ in space. Created by TestTubeGames

Agent Higgs

Particle physics puzzle game, based on the rules of the Standard Model. Created by TestTubeGames


A strategy game that revolves around genetics and evolution. Created by Stray Fawn Studio


Physical objects simulator that lets you draw and add objects to a scene, with lots of options for creativity. Created by Algoryx Simulation

Chaotic Planets

A gravitational simulator that lets you fling planets and see what happens. Created by MinuteLabs

Black Hole Hunter

Investigate the gravitational wave signals from colliding black holes. Created by Cardiff University 

Velocity Raptor

A special relativistic game where a dinosaur travels near the speed of light. Created by TestTubeGames

Ripple Tank Simulation

Simulation for investigating waves and interference, with a bunch of customizable physics options. Created by Falstad

Schwarzschild Trajectories

A slick simulation of particles flying around a black hole. Created by Ricky Reusser

Black Hole Launcher

A simulation of the spacetime around a Schwarzschild black hole where you can fling astroids and light to your heart’s content. Created by TestTubeGames

Gravity with Poisson Equation

Cool look at gravity of many, many bodies, calculated on a mesh. Looks neat, too. Created by Ricky Reusser.