Deeper Dive

This page includes links to collections of resources, smaller or more esoteric projects, or things built in old tech like flash. Kind of a grab bag of interesting things.


Black Hole Explorer

Explore the spacetime around a black hole in your rocket ship. Created by TestTubeGames

EM Wave

Electromagnetic wave simulation. Created by Falstad

Explorable Explanations

A collection of Explorable Explanations curated by Nicky Case

Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Simulates the flow of a fluid around a barrier. Created by Dan Schroeder

Genetic Cars

Evolving cars on a procedural racetrack. Created by Rafael Matsunaga

Genetic Walkers

Evolving creatures walk better and better. Created by Rafael Matsunaga

Gravitation Physical Visualization

Flash interactive that shows a visualization of the curvature of spacetime. Created by Adam Trepczynski

Gravitation Physical Visualization

Flash interactive about special and general relativity. Created by Adam Trepczynski


A flash-based gravity simulator by nowykurier

Gravity Lab

Gravity simulation by the National Science & Tech Medals Foundation

Kerr Spherical Photon Orbits

An explorable explanation of the orbits around a spinning black hole. Created by Dr. Leo Stein


A collection of physics and science interactives by MinuteLabs


The definitive collection of free online resources for physics classes. Run by University of Colorado Boulder

Quantum Marble Maze

A very neat game about quantum mechanics. Created by Crispin Cooper

Quantum Tic Tac Toe

An online quantum game. Created by Rohan

Quantum TiqTaqToe

Tic Tac Toe with quantum mechanical rules, for both web and mobile. Created by Evert

Ricky Reusser Collection

A lot of cool interactive math-y explorables to check out. Created by Ricky Reusser.


THE definitive list of science games – both digital and physical. Curated by Dr. Melanie Stegman.

The Moon is one Pixel

A to-scale model of the solar system in a browser window. Created by Josh Worth

Visualizing a Black Hole

Simulates the path of light around a black hole. Created by Antonell