There’s cool science games / simulations to play around with, but they’re scattered all around. (And there’s a whole lotta chaff to each bit of wheat.) I’ve been compiling a list of some of my favorites over the years – and figured, why not share that list so that others can use it (and help add to it!)

This is a list of projects that are…

  • Science games, simulations, or interactives that have a strong focus on getting in there and playing/exploring.
  • Modern (I still love you flash and java, but sorry)
  • Easy to access
  • Fun to use
  • Novel and interesting to a wide audience (aka, not just interactives that students in a class would use)

If something hits all those marks, I’ll throw it on the Explore list. And if something hits some of those marks, I’ll be putting it on the Extras list.


The list is a work in progress. If you have suggestions of some of your favorite ways to play around with science online (or through other virtual means), pass them on to me to take a peek.

Send an email to my first name, and with this domain name.


A bit about me: I’m Andy Hall of TestTubeGames – so I’m a creator myself. Hence why I’ve been personally trying to keep up to date on what’s out there. I’m also coming to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, I can only build a finite amount of projects… so I wanted to build this page to help shine attention on what others are doing. Each of us creators are a piece of a bigger puzzle. And I’m pretty excited about the puzzle.